Welcome to Six Three Furnished Suites!

Located in Regina, Saskatchewan we are a provider of fully furnished and beautifully appointed executive suites, furnished suites, short term accommodations and  furnished apartments available for weekly and monthly rental. An affordable alternative to a hotel, we offer all of the comforts of home including contemporary decor, fully equipped modern kitchens, comfortable living areas and fine linens and bedding. Our selection of 1 and 2 bedroom suites and homes are located in Regina’s most desirable neighborhoods.

At Six Three Suites we understand that being away from home, for whatever the reason, is not easy. With that in mind we aim to provide the highest level of customer service coupled with an offering of suites and homes that meet and exceed your everyday needs. Our goal is to ensure your stay is as convenient and enjoyable as possible!



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  • Six Three Furnished Suites is excited to announce the hiring of Megan Bates, as Marketing Manager! Megan has a wealth of experience in web-design, social media advertising, and market research and will bring exciting new creativity to the Six Three Suites brand.

    "I am excited to welcome Megan on board, she is hard working, energetic and fun. She will bring fresh new ideas to reinvigorate the Six Three brand." - Rob Howie, President.

    We are determined to have Six Three Suites be your first choice for your personal, corporate or vacation stay. Why live out of a suitcase in a hotel room when you can have the comfort and convenience of a Six Three Suite and truly feel at home. At Six Three Furnished Suites we aren't competing with hotels, we are competing with your home!

    The Six Three Suites website holds more information about our rentals, prices and how to contact us to find availabilities. This blog will be updated regularly with tips to help make your stay with us all the more enjoyable. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on all sales promotions, events and all the information you need to know.

    Six Three Furnished Suites is stepping up its marketing game!

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  • The alarm goes off and you hit the snooze bar, once, twice maybe a few times.  Then the bed feels so cozy and warm and there is a huge gravitation pull keeping your body in bed.  Does this sound like your mornings?  Here are five tips to help make getting out of your bed less of a drag.

    1. Use Programmable Appliances: Set your thermostat to warm up your place before you wake up.  Have the coffee maker set to begin brewing as soon as you get up.  The warmth and that smell of fresh brewing coffee should help ease the transition of getting up.
    2. Give Yourself a Reward: Set your alarm a little bit earlier than normal and if you don’t hit the snooze bar reward yourself with a yummy breakfast, have a relaxing bath or pick up your favourite morning beverage.
    3. Put your Alarm Clock on the other side of the Room:  The snooze bar will not be used as much if you know that you have to get out of bed every time to hit it.  To go an extra step use that annoying alarm noise instead of the radio setting.
    4. Refrain from Strenuous Activity First thing:  Try not to make the first thing you do in the morning stressful.  For example looking at emails or tackling some projects before work.  Let yourself to have a shower or a cup of coffee first.
    5. Find the Cause:  What makes you not want to get up in the morning?  Stressed at work? The commute? Figuring out the cause and trying to find a way to fix it will help you sleep better.  For example if the long commute is stressful, try and see if you can find a place closer, or see if maybe leaving earlier will eliminate being caught in some of the heavier traffic.  Sleeping better will help make waking up easier!

    5 Tips to Making your Mornings Easier

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  • It can be hard to make short term rentals feel “homey”, but after a long day of work it feels nice to come to a place that feels comfortable and familiar.  Here are a few easy tips to help make your rental feel like a home away from home that involves little investment, can be packed easily and not take up much storage space.

    Family photos are a great way to feel closer to your loved ones, even though you might not be close geographically.  Take a few pictures from home and place them in spaces where you spend the most time.  Or if worried about traveling with breakable picture frames, print off pictures and pick up cheap frames from discount stores.

    Smell is a great way to conger familiar feelings.  Bring sheets and/or blankets from home to use.  Sheets provided in a rental can feel stiff and smell quite sterile. Cozy up with your sheets and blankets for a great night’s sleep.

    Add a few decorative items to give your rental a stamp of your personality.  Picking up throw pillows, displaying artwork that your child made, buy local artwork or even buying plants and candles can give a more personalized feeling.
    Whether you are renting a place for a week or a year, these small changes can help make your rental feel like a home away from home!

    How to make a home away from home!

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